Saturn Pathology Podcast: Iron deficiency with Dr Cathy Cole
Medical Forum PodcastJanuary 10, 2024x
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Saturn Pathology Podcast: Iron deficiency with Dr Cathy Cole

Medical Forum’s journalist, Eric Martin, sat down with Doctor Cathy Cole, a West Australian paediatric haematologist, to discuss the potential impacts of iron deficiency anaemia and the symptoms that can assist GPs and parents with a correct diagnosis for toddlers and adolescents.

In addition to pointing out PICA and the pitfalls of puberty, Dr Cole highlights the discrepancies in defining reference ranges for ferratin that have emerged internationally, as well as touching on some of the latest ‘fads’ in the medical advice being provided to doctors by ‘big pharma,’ and the role of gastroenterologists. 

“And please, throw away the milk bottles!”

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