Healthcare in civil war - tragedy unleashed
Medical Forum PodcastOctober 01, 2023x
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Healthcare in civil war - tragedy unleashed

Medical Forum is privileged to present an exclusive interview with Dr. Zhao Wai Soe, the exiled Health Minister of Myanmar, who worked in Aung San Su Kyi’s government before it was overthrown by the military junta in February 2021, during the height of the pandemic.

The world watched on as doctors and nurses took the lead in the peaceful uprising and protests that occurred throughout Myanmar as a response to the coup, before the violent crackdown by the military forced ordinary Myanma to take up arms.

Caught between the two regimes, Dr Soe was smuggled out of Myanmar by his relatives in Australia and this interview is a once in a lifetime opportunity to get a glimpse at the situation on the ground in one of the longest running civil conflicts in southeast Asia.

This podcast accompanies one of the lead stories in this month's edition of the Medical Forum Magazine.